Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010


hey man,
it's not what
it looks like
i don't fuck
for favors
it's just that
i fuck most
at least once
and most
my friends
are editors
so just let a
and go enjoy
your life
while you've
got it
and if you're
still bitter about it
buy me a drink
and see how
easy it can be

Saturday, October 23, 2010

i am so into sardines right now

all i can think about is being shoved in a sleeping bag with you, face to face, with our hands tied behind our backs, in your car, on a very cold day

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Offending Adam

I have some new work at The Offending Adam today. Well, its not really new new, I don't even know anymore. My life has become a mess of poems everywhere, old poems new poems new book old book blogs magazines I have no idea where any of it goes or came from anymore. I just keep tripping on poems.

Also, It's Nice That is a nice website that likes me. Seeing that link this weekend made me feel really alright.

Are you hungry? Oh, well then, here is an apple.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

my closest friend is someone who is a lot like patrick bateman

oddly enough
the person who
is comforting me
who is telling me
who is winning
the game
between the
yankees and
the twins
is the man
who pays me
talk to him
on the phone
about killing
his mother
and surprisingly
its not so bad
he just said
im a yankees fan
and i said
oh well
and tomorrow
will be okay
im sure of it
he just said
i should be licking
your asshole right now

and i said lol
while watching the
game, thats
the life

and he said
hell yeah

Thursday, October 07, 2010

in case you missed it (i'm going to push on your bladder when you have to pee so you love me more)

So last week or so the super great HTMLGIANT did a feature week on me and Matthew Savoca, since our books came out together this month.

Here is the quick and easy way to go read everything that was posted, and also, to be reminded of how much internet trolls love pretty girls with big tits.

1) kicking off the week with a short sweet bit about kendra's book Everything is Quiet

2) a conversation with matthew savoca, conducted by adam robinson

3) kenda and matthew answer the same six questions posed by blake butler

4) mike young reviews kendra's Everything is Quiet (IF YOU BOTHER TO READ ANYTHING PLEASE READ THIS ONE)

5) wrapping up: matthew and kendra interview each other

i'm being such a grown up right now, blogging, like i should

Ok, I have a lot to say. Remember when I used to write blogs? Oh I hate this now. This must be done.

First, did you know I have a book? I do! I have a book of poetry. The other day I was talking to my mom on the phone and she was in the car and I was like "Where are you going mom?" and she was like "I'm going to Barns & Nobles to buy your book!" I laughed really hard and was all like "Mom go home and go on the internet."


Here are some nice things people have said:

“Kendra Grant Malone contains several hundred people. Likewise, her words seem to protect several hundred other words beneath their giddy, precise calm. Here is a mother and a voyeur and a pervert and a magick-making child, somewhere between them all your brand new old friend, teeming with such heat. Here is language more honest than I could ever be. I suggest you keep it close, warm. I suggest you keep an eye, as if this book had human hands beyond its gorgeous shoulders it would tickle you to death; it would hump your funny tired body, then eat your head for what you’ve seen.”
– Blake Butler author of “Ever”, “Scorch Atlas” & “There is No Year”

“Any book that thanks ‘vodka, cocaine, and Citalopram, for making mood swings bearable and this book possible’ is likely to a strong sense of its own identity, or identities, and Kendra Grant Malone’s ‘Everything is Quiet’ certainly does. Strong: her use of language, her voice, her commitment to getting it right, even as she’s describing how she frequently gets it wrong. Sense: a good ear, a good eye, an intimate acquaintance with bodies and what (and who) they do. These fifty sexy, thoughtful, and sometimes pained poems do right by sex, love, and sometimes pain, not to mention menstrual blood, greasy hair, funny faces, and watering eyes.”

–Ben Greenman, author of “What He’s Poised to Do” and “Please Step Back”

“Kendra Grant Malone’s poetry feels like your first kiss and your first razorblade cut all at once. Reading these poems reminds me of listening to Johnny Cash or The Gun Club when it’s dark and you’re alone, and you realize for the first time that everything is probably not going to be OK, but at least the music’s good. She is an angel of mourning, she is brilliant, and there is no other poet like her.”
–Michael Schaub, managing editor of

"I’ve been waiting for Kendra Grant Malone’s debut collection for what seems like a very long time. I’ll never forget the first time I read one of her poems. It was like a grand canyon had opened up in my head, ready for Malone’s voice to fill it with endless streams of horrifically real and beautiful things. Here, in Everything is Quiet, Malone fills our heads with the period sex in which “it looked like someone had been/ murdered in my room,” the man who “survived for many months/ on a life raft” and “while adrift/…developed romantic feelings/about spaghetti and meatballs,” and the “hellfire” she “would surely like to” “put into a mouth.” Within the quiet and noisy spaces in this book, Malone shows icy strength to make clear the time in which she finally “understood/ that a man once/ broke my/ mother’s ribs/ for sport” and that “we are the animals.” And how could we not listen to a poet whose “metaphysical self is/ a large white frigidaire”? We must. We must listen and we must read this book. This is the voice we’ve been waiting for for a long time. With every gorgeous word in here, you can see the gentle and ferocious tide quietly overturning." - Dorothea Lasky, author of "Awe" and "Black Life"

Here is me reading at my release party in a really nice dress that my wonderful press-mate and BFF, Matthew Savoca helped me pick out.

let's go to the mall from matthew savoca on Vimeo.