Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Nous Sommes Les Animaux Part Two (une plus poème pour vous, petit taureau)

I always loved you
better when you
were gone too
let’s take this love
and stuff it somewhere
like it was something
physical like
a little plastic bull
a pink one for
you, and a green
for me
little bulls I acquired
while drinking enough
to bear the pain of
grooming for you
and because of all
that necessary grooming
we will always have
that animal knowledge
also, because I never
clearly understood you
I’m not being fancy
your accent is just
so thick
maybe if I didn't
have dyslexia
and I could have
learned French
instead of just repeating
phrases you taught me
like your pet bird-
but hey, let’s not be
I’ll always be your
American dream
thin with long legs
over sexed with
large breasts
I’m only sorry
I never dyed my
Italian hair blonde
while I painted
my nails your
favorite shade
of hooker red
anyways, I’m proud
to have had the
luck to understand
someone that way
that you can’t
if you can speak
that understanding
that only bulls have
even little plastic

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Adam J Maynard makes nice things you should buy

The first print issue of My Name Is Mud is ready for purchase. I'm in it along with a group of talented people. Pick it up here.

Also for sale is Adam's book of poetry Green, which is really fucking great. Go buy that too.