Thursday, November 18, 2010

everything is alright (half left)

Dan Tarnowski wrote a really wonderful review of Everything Is Quiet over at On Lives.

If you live in Chicago, go to this thing, I'll be reading remotely, via skype. I am also having a super secret mystery guest and might be eating pizza too.

What else?

Everything else.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Cecilia, Samara, Let Your Hair Run Wild

let me tell you about
this girl
she is so clever
when she chose
her second name
she selected not just
a name of a song
but the name of
a really good song
that a lot of people
from different
backgrounds like very
she knows that
people like so much
to link music
with their good feelings

with my friends
first names are
a precious currency
there is a charming
entitlement to using
especially in a space
where you are not
supposed to
also, there is a
delicate importance
of not making
too much of it

so, this clever girl
her first name
is one of those
rare first names
is as nice as
the chosen
second name
oh she has
such nice hair!
she is just troubled
for someone to
write a song
using her
first name
instead of just
listening to the
she used to
choose her second