Thursday, October 07, 2010

in case you missed it (i'm going to push on your bladder when you have to pee so you love me more)

So last week or so the super great HTMLGIANT did a feature week on me and Matthew Savoca, since our books came out together this month.

Here is the quick and easy way to go read everything that was posted, and also, to be reminded of how much internet trolls love pretty girls with big tits.

1) kicking off the week with a short sweet bit about kendra's book Everything is Quiet

2) a conversation with matthew savoca, conducted by adam robinson

3) kenda and matthew answer the same six questions posed by blake butler

4) mike young reviews kendra's Everything is Quiet (IF YOU BOTHER TO READ ANYTHING PLEASE READ THIS ONE)

5) wrapping up: matthew and kendra interview each other

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matthew savoca said...

that was a secret