Tuesday, November 03, 2009


The new issue of Pear Noir! is up for pre-order and I'm really excited about getting mine, not because I have a couple of things in it, and so I get it free (haha I win), but because once again I've ended up in very good company. In the last little while when ever I get a contributor copy of something in the mail, I've been so flushed and happy but embarrassed at the extremely high quality of the work I get to be accompanying. It's a really nice feeling.

There are things from all these amazing people: R.A. Allen, Eric Beeny, Andrew Borgstrom, Megan Boyle, Ron Burch, Edmond Caldwell, Jesse Cataldo, Jimmy Chen, Evan Cleveland, Ryan Dilbert, Russell Edson, David Fishkind, Roxane Gay, Ben Greenman, Bridgette E. Hahn, Mickey Hess, Christopher Higgs, Robert Hinderliter, Lily Hoang (a newly discovered favorite of mine), Emily Hockaday, Rich Ives, Kendra Grant Malone, Sally Wen Mao, Chris Moran, Dan Moreau, Jay Pabarue, Michelle Reale, Andrew Reger, Katelyn Romaine, Peter Shippy, Noel Sloboda, Lee Minh Sloca, Chris Smith, Curtis Smith, Garrett Socol, Audri Sousa, John Dermot Woods, Barry Yourgrau

You can order it here.

Also, I have been asked to contribute to the Post Card Single Series for this issue, which is a little extra post card with a poem of mine titled I've Taken To Watching Romantic Comedies While You Are Away. This only goes out with the first 50 copies so buy them up quick!

And coincidentally, a MLP stamp story I wrote titled I Slapped You will come with all pre-ordered copies of the issue.

I feel like I accidentally overwhelmed this issue with myself. If you don't like my writing just wait a few weeks and those other benefits will be gone and you can just skip the two things I have in the mag. If you do like me then buy the fuck up!

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Eric Beeny said...

Hi Kendra, Congratulations. Yeah, feeling embarrassed--I always feel I'll look silly by comparison, which I probably often do. Still, I'm big looking forward to this...