Monday, October 12, 2009

Conor Oberst Sex

An ebook I wrote last year with Tao Lin, Conor Oberst Sex is now live at Happy Cobra Books.

"This little book made me want to call my friends and tell them they are not lonely but are loved. It also made me want to wear a shirt that says I HAD SEX WITH CONOR OBERST. It's modern and fresh and confessional and you should read it."

-Shane Jones, author of Light Boxes and some other shit


Clark Blue said...

funny stuff

tomkendall said...

Hey Good stuff, enjoyed it a lot. You should definitely make t-shirts by the way.
I am sat on the metal floor of a boat in a suit, trying to get work and drinking a strong coffee.
If i ever get off the dole again i am going to buy chapbooks.

tomkendall said...

just realised my comment makes no sense.