Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

wunderkrammer & la fovea

Two new things up today. First my wunderkrammer kid story is up. This project is edited by the amazing Kathryn Regina for the next week or so.

Also, I have two poems up at la fovea. This is a neat little site. The person on the site before me was Sean Lovelace. And now I get to pick someone to follow me. Neato.

Also, also, don't forget to read my new ebook Conor Oberst Sex, if you haven't yet. If you have, thank you baby.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Conor Oberst Sex

An ebook I wrote last year with Tao Lin, Conor Oberst Sex is now live at Happy Cobra Books.

"This little book made me want to call my friends and tell them they are not lonely but are loved. It also made me want to wear a shirt that says I HAD SEX WITH CONOR OBERST. It's modern and fresh and confessional and you should read it."

-Shane Jones, author of Light Boxes and some other shit

Monday, October 05, 2009

Hill Billy Teeth

We don't know how it started that night. We were very drunk, but then, on the road, we were rarely not drunk. Earlier that day in some town in Wisconsin we bought little plastic "hill billy" teeth. The next bar we went to everyone there had teeth just like the ones we had bought. The dancing began much later in the night though. After we had grown very tired from traveling all day we found a frightening motel in the town we wanted to be in. We listened to the most romantic music we had while we fucked very tenderly on the squeaky old bed. After, I cried while Eric smoked in the doorway. When he came back to me he changed the music to something happy. I think I threw my ugliest panties at him, the ones I wear when I am on my period. I felt a little surprised when he put them on, but not too surprised because he had done that before. Little flashes of memories are all I have left of that night. I put my bra on him and it stretched flat over his skinny chest. He began to dance for me like a gay stripper, I think to make me laugh, because crying makes him angry and unhappy. One of his balls fell from my lime green cotton panties (with white polka dots and pink trim). He put in the more horrible looking teeth and I was so moved by his desperate display, his pathetic desire to make me laugh. I was still naked when I stood and put on his underwear and the other pair of hill billy teeth. Next we were listening to British dance music, but slow dancing, like a waltz. His face was very sincere when he stared at me then, with those stupid teeth protruding from his pretty feminine lips. I thought about slapping his face while we waltzed, but I laid my head on him instead.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Little Books Anthology

The beloved J.A. Tyler is anthologizing every little book MLP put out in its first year. The release date is January 1st. The list of writers is just fucking awesome: ken baumann, shane jones, jimmy chen, brandi wells, blake butler, nick antosca, sam pink, james chapman, colin bassett, michael kimball, jac jemc, kim chinquee, kim parko, norman lock, randall brown, brian evenson, michael stewart, peter markus, ken sparling, aaron burch, david ohle, matthew savoca, p. h. madore, johannes göransson, ryan call, elizabeth ellen, molly gaudry, kevin wilson, mary hamilton, craig davis, kendra grant malone, lavie tidhar, lily hoang, mark baumer, ben tanzer, krammer abrahams, joshua cohen, eugene lim, c. l. bledsoe, joanna ruocco, josh maday, & michael martone.

You can pre-order it here: MLP: FIRST YEAR

above: post blood brother initiation with daniel bailey and myself, in muncie indiana (scene not included in RAPE CHILDREN)

My little book has gone and sold out. Thanks to all the people who bought it, blogged it, facebooked it and wrote me nice emails about it. Now the only way to get your hands on one is to buy the anthology. Or you could eat me out and maybe I'll give you a contributor copy.