Thursday, September 03, 2009


Holy crap! What a nice magazine! I'm really happy to be included in such a great line up and with so many friends. Seriously folks, not a bad page in the thing.

Jon Hojlund Arnfred
Crispin Best
Arne Borge
Jimmy Chen
Noah Cicero
Wagner Israel Cilio III
David Fishkind
Brandon Scott Gorrell
Paul Habeeb
Brandon Hobson
Victoria Kielland
Sara Johanne Bjerkvik Leinaas
Tao Lin
Ryan Manning
Chelsea Martin
Astrid Hygen Meyer
Audun Mortensen
Sam Pink
Matthew Savoca
Nathan Tyree
Hanne Ulla
Jon Vaughn
Fredrik Wilhelmsen

Buy it here for what I think to be extremely affordable. Don't be cheap dudes (dudettes).


david fishkind said...
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