Saturday, September 12, 2009

Four Short Poems (we all wanted to cry but we just laughed for a bit instead)

You Might Be Running Out Of Time To Accomplish Whatever It Is That Makes You Behave The Funny Way You Do

have you ever drank
cheap red wine
out of a ginger ale
bottle on the train?

There Is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of, Unless You Are Talking About Those Overly Sentimental Conversations You Have Late At Night With Drunk Friends

i smelled his book
while he touched
my father's tooth

Some Day I Hope There Is A Song With My Name In The Title, But Not Actually About Me, But The Odds Of That Happening Are Against Me Because My Name Is Just A Little Bit Unusual

you are not nostalgic
for things before
your time
i just don't
understand that

Widespread Global Panic Is Maybe The Only Thing That I Can't Imagine Actually Happening, And Thinking About It Makes Me Wistful For Things That Never Happened

"I looked up my missing and exploited children's report online today and they spelled my name wrong. No wonder they never found me."


carahnaseemexploded said...

I will write a song called "Kendra Grant Malone (I'm Alone)". It'll be about Dick Cheney's "home life". It's gonna be a pop ballad I think. Feat. Lil' John. Or something.

tomkendall said...

I like these a lot.

Randy Conner said...

You are the shit. I love your poems.

Randy Conner said...
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