Sunday, July 05, 2009

pride is a weird thing to have

dear friends and nice people who like me,

last month a goal of mine was to have a finished poetry manuscript. i did not make my goal. i have a manuscript compiled titled, Everything Is Quiet. it is one hundred and five pages long. i don't know exactly how many poems are in it.

i have run into what feels like an unconquerable problem. the problem is that i have medium to severe grade dyslexia. anyone who has lent me a book probably noticed it takes me months to finish something very simple. right now my manuscript is organized in alphabetical order, and the order is not very good. i am having an extremely hard time.

if anyone has any spare time and feels competent, i am asking for help. i get vertigo every time i look at the word document now. if someone could just read it and help me with suggestions, or help me edit it, it would mean the world to me. i am willing to pay a small fee if necessary.

i feel like i cant go on enjoying life until this is done and submitted to places.

also, if any publisher is curious about the manuscript, an early badly edited draft is available.

im feeling really embarrassed now. please don't make fun of me.




E.K. Hornbeck said...

If you are serious, I have a friend who might be able to help.

bangs said...

I'd like to help. I like reading your work quite a bit.

Plus, I'm currently unemployed. A project would be be nice to have.

I think my email will show up, but if it doesn't -- I'm Jen.

BlogSloth said...

I would like at it, but Jesus not at that length. Cut it down like a crushed Ritalin.


I am a decent editor though. If you seriously have a poetry book length collection and think I could help then just email at my account.

If no, that's cool too.

I'm sure plenty of talented blogger/writers will assist you!


Ryan W. Bradley said...

i'd be happy to help, too. i'm a pretty obsessive editor, and i also really enjoy tinkering with ordering of pieces.

Hexxtc said...

you douche, why didn't you ask me? is it that I'm not French-enough, not gay-enough, not-girly-enough?

I'd like to help, and all I ask in return is a bottle of milk per week until you're done with me :)

Christa Westaway said...

I'm sure you've found someone to look over your manuscript, but just in case, I'm up for the job. I enjoy reading everything you write, and am pretty qualified and I'm free. I can send a resume...

My email address is

Tony said...

Kendra! I'd be honored. Proof reading & editing is part of what I do for a living.. though it is nothing nearly as fun as your work. PLUS- my wife is dyslexic & I help her out all of the time, and when we saw your post she said I better help you or ELSE! -but honestly, I didn't need my arm twisted because I love your work & it would be an honor... if you found someone for this project, I'd be happy to help out in the future. No matter what.. just keep doing what yer doing!