Friday, July 31, 2009

all the little sounds

i've been thinking a lot
about babies

he looked
really scared when
i told him that
no i mean,
i don't want one,
i just feel obsessed
with them right now

he still looked scared
when he
took off his t-shirt
and lifted mine,
he shoved it under
making a misshapen
he looked scared still
when he laid his head
on the demented looking
and said to my stomach
mon bébé, ma famille
i laid back
embarrassed and satisfied
and fantasized about
crushing all the bones in
his face
and all the little sounds
they would make
snap snap snap


Justin Rands said...

violently pleasurable

Ryan W. Bradley said...

love it

BlogSloth said...

Yeh. I love you still and will watch a while. Keep going, please.

No doubt.


Eric Beeny said...

Hi, Kendra, this poem is great.

Adam J Maynard said...

good wishes

Benjamin Winkler said...

I like this a lot. Snap.

ryan manning said...