Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some Poems

I have new things on this blog.

Is there anyone out there who reads this that knows a lot about grad schools? I need some help. I have a BFA in filmmaking from a very good school, but I want to apply for a masters degree in general psychology. I have an awesome GPA and generally do very well on tests and application essays, but I have this problem that I don't have the prerequisite 12 credits of science/humanities classes that I need for most of the programs I want to be in. Can anyone tell me what to do? I don't know what to do. Also, I am not rich and have no resource (i.e. parents, grandparents, trust fund) to pay for the credits I need. Plz halp.


selina said...

well i read your blog (heart it)and i'm kind of in the same situation. find the cheapest class you can for credit in that subject and register the hell out of them before your grad school deadline. i'm working 7 days just to cover the expense of credit classes, but since i'm on my own it's the only way. luckily lots of schools offer psych. classes (fit, nyu, hunter, marymount, etc...)

sam pink said...

i like the poems

Michael Goroff said...

I think you live in NYC, so I'm not sure how many community colleges you have in the area, but that would probably be your best and cheapest way of acquiring those credits. Take those classes over the summer and then apply for maybe spring entrance into a program if applicable.

BlogSloth said...

I'm a prof, so listen. 12 hours is nothing. Take the three classes at the cheapest-ass commmunity college you can find, and ace the classes.

Hell, take them online.

In the bigger picture of your grad school app, it won't matter where they came from.

With a good GPA, good GRE, you're in.

If you absolutely can't pay, borrow the money. It is an investment in YOU. Do you think YOU are a good stock that will pay off in the future?

I bet you do.

So take out the small loan, take the three classes, go to grad school and achieve your goal in a couple years.


Shane Jones said...

fuck school.