Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a conversation i just had with my mother on the phone

me: i have a new boyfriend

my mother: oh yeah? what is he like?

me: well, he is french and very kind to me. he writes books in france, that is how i met him, at a reading. the morning after i first met him he left me a copy of his book with a very loving note in it on my bed stand

my mother: well, i guess that's better than a twenty dollar bill

me: only a twenty, really mom?

my mother: sweetpea, don't flatter yourself


Justin Rands said...

mom 1. you 0. i want to meet her.

DJ Berndt said...

oh man. that's rough.

Ryan W. Bradley said...

wow! that's classic.

when i was an undergrad and called home the first thing my mom always asked was, "Did you get someone pregnant?"

ellen frances said...

i hope you have an open relationship.

Kendra Grant Malone said...


personally i find it distasteful to have to defend the parameters of my relationships on my blog, but since this is a public forum and i intend to keep it that way i will address this.

i don't know if you are referring to my promiscuity or his, but i can assure you we have talked at great length on many occasions about the circumstances (sexually speaking) of our relationship. i just told him about this comment and he said to me "really? that's bizarre. don't pay attention, i am with you." i feel that what he said sums up what anyone publicly needs to know about us beyond the information i offer myself.

ellen frances said...

oy vey - i feel for you.
have fun!