Sunday, February 01, 2009

Robin Cotton

Today I found the website of an old friend of mine, Robin Cotton. We went to arts high together, and then MCAD together. For a summer we lived together. At one point in time, Robin and I were very good at making soup together. Once, we saw a lady taking a shit (we think) in our back yard. Another time Robin came home after I had been lying on the couch in the dark for three hours listening to Beck on repeat in headphones, crying. "Are you ok?" he asked. "Yeah," I said. Robin is a sculptor. He has always been pretty amazing. He has a blog too. You should go look at his really pretty work and if you like it send him an email, because I bet that would make him smile.

Robin, if you are reading this, I kind of miss you.


mzreed said...

that place looks all too familiar.
i am on my way to that very location right now.

Fanny said...

I saw him awhile ago at my theater. And various other totally random haunts. These sighting are always sparse and quick. Like getting the hiccups for only a minute.