Sunday, February 08, 2009

NANO Fiction

NANO Fiction featured my story on their web page for their next issue. Go read it, and then pre-order the print copy here.


sam pink said...

good shit homegirl

Benjamin Winkler said...


I'm looking into a dual-diagnosis program. They can sort out my depression with my web-hype addiction. It'll be great. I'm really looking forward to the group sessions.

I hope you weren't actually angry. Sorry, sorry, a million times sorry, if that's the case.

Anyway, congrats on the NANO piece. It's good.

Benjamin Winkler said...


Do you want me to remove your name from it / delete the thing entirely? Should I wear a cilice?

I'm honestly sorry.

Benjamin Winkler said...

Well, it sounds delicious. Preferably with grilled peppers and stringbeans almandine. And a nice, crusty bread.

I have this problem where I can't tell when people are joking with me. It's rather unfortunate.

Benjamin Winkler said...

You're welcome.

A thoughtful gesture, but I'm actually trying very hard to be a vegetarian for about the thirtieth time. Or maybe fortieth.

ken baumann said...

I really like the story, and am very happy to be in the issue with you.

Fanny said...

vol 2 num 2? or do I have to subscribe so that I get the newest one? how does this damn fancy ass thing work?

DJ Berndt said...

Nifty, swifty.