Friday, January 30, 2009

little used up tea bags cannot sing, no, that is a silly idea

the third cup
i fill
using the same tea
bag is so
worthless that
i just watch it
since i've left you
i've been feeling
i haven't seen
anyone i was supposed
to see
i haven't done
any of the things
i like to do
i've read five
books this week
and took sleep
aids to get high
a little
i stare at the
little tea bag
that has exhausted
its purpose
and it reminds me
of how much
i wish you had just
rested your head
on my lap and
cried instead of
sitting beside
the bathtub while
i sang to you
a door away


Yvonne said...

I really like your profile pic.

Meggie said...

you're great at writing about the distances between lovers.

sandwichs said...

you're really great at being you.