Tuesday, December 30, 2008

you will always be the ones you have lost

i received a phone call just now
i saw a number i didn't recognize
i am sick, i have little
to no
voice left
but i tried to answer
i couldn't say "hello"
a message started playing
telling me about the car
insurance i don't have
for a car i don't own
i listened to the robot woman
because i didn't feel
alone in my apartment
for a moment
i tried to tell her
"i am having a
hard time
right now and
i need someone to
talk to, do you
have just a moment
but my voice is totally
the moment was gone
and i hung up on
that electronic
daughter of
a whore,
tonight all the
lovers are with
their real girlfriends
the ones that are
the only reprieve
is knowing that
i don't need to console
anyone for their
guilt tonight
and instead i can
pity myself


mzreed said...


Ryan W. Bradley said...

after reading this i finished a poem i had stopped working on. thanks for kicking inspiration in rear for me.

Benjamin Winkler said...

I like this.

sandwichs said...

i like you kendra grant.