Saturday, December 27, 2008

ribcage chandelier

On they way to the airport yesterday, I told my mother that when she dies I want to make a chandelier out of her ribcage. She said that if I did that she will haunt me and that would include her watching me every time I have sex and making small disturbances so that my lovers will feel uncomfortable for the rest of my life. My sister said the conversation was disturbing and asked us to stop talking about it. We agreed that it would be better if I made a chandelier our of Delores instead, but I felt bad because my father gave me a phone number of a friend of his who is a famous taxidermist so that when Delores goes I can make a coffee table out of her by stuffing her and putting a plate of glass on her back. I think that is a much better idea because her ribcage is too small for a proper chandelier. I need to find someone I love to make a chandelier out of. My brother maybe. He told me in the car on Christmas that someone came to the homeless shelter and helped him fill out a living will. He said it mostly just covers where he wants to be buried. I asked if he was donating any organs and he said to me "none of them work well enough to donate, kenny." I nodded and said "what about your pinky toe? on the left side?" he said, "okay, yeah i'll donate that."

This girl writes nice poems.


matthew said...


tomkendall said...

This is a really pretty piece. Is it part of something larger?

i just noticed you left a comment on my blog. i kinda only use it as a short cut these days but im think im gonna start blogging in the new year.erm im probably no fun to internet stalk though as im pretty dull.

i did one blog day here about everywhere ive been punched in the face:

its not written very well but maybe its a little bit funny. or something.

hope youre well

Ryan W. Bradley said...

i find your writing relaxing. thank you.