Monday, December 22, 2008

Pink Eye Begets Boredom

Kathryn Regina wrote a post where she "tagged" people, whom are then to write similar posts. The theme of the post is you are supposed to write seven things "about yourself." I feel like I have written seven thousand things about myself on this blog, but I will write seven more because I have pink eye and it is - 17 degrees outside in Minnesota right now.

1. I weigh 130 lbs.

2. I really really don't like sweet things.

3. My cat is named after a character in a book, whom I relate to.

4. I am usually very lonely.

5. I have never been sledding.

6. I saw a man dressed as Santa on the train reading the news paper the same day I left New York this week and I laughed, then I looked around and saw no one else was amused and felt really horrible.

7. Last week I received three apologies from three different people within three days, all of which I never thought I would hear from said people. The apologies affected my life in no way perceivable, although I always thought that they would.

Now I am suppose to "tag" seven people. I am going to tag people I think might be bored right now.

Colin Bassett
Matthew Savoca
Shane Jones
Brandi Wells
Blake Butler
Daniel Bailey
Mike Young


Daniel Bailey said...

i am always bored. thank you, kendra. i've never been "tagged" in things like this. i feel a little bit special now.

Daniel Bailey said...

holy shit, word verification says, "ankinal," which is a code word for "anal sex with kin" used affectionately by mountain people who are living in the city for the first time.

Mike Young said...

i'm more depressed than bored



Kathryn said...

hi i'm glad you were bored and did this but not glad you have pink eye and are in minnesota.

i like it that daniel bailey tells us word verification definitions. daniel what is coacin