Sunday, December 07, 2008

period sex part two

kyle told me a
story about
when he saw a
knife fight in
the lower east side
and how he thinks
he will never see
that much blood again
he somehow thought
this might make me
feel better about
what was all over
my legs, my sheets, our condom
it didn't
all i could think of
was that i usually don't
associate my period blood
with death
except for
the very first
time it happened
at my grandfather's
my mother was upset
my uncle took me to
the store and bought
me adult diapers
he didn't know
and my mother was so sad
that day
i hated when i had to tell her
that i had gotten
my first period
that was the last time
i thought about death
when i saw my period blood
from now on
i prefer to think about
knife fights
in the lower east side


rwrkb said...

exceptional. a truly beautiful poem.

ryan manning said...

steady cash flow without a real job

hotdog water said...

I am pumped whenever I see my period blood on ANYTHING because it means I can declare Operation: Pull-Out Method a success for yet another month.

em said...

this rocks. rock on knife-fight-period-sex-associations and poems.

rock on word verification: slashyrr

how topical.

Joshua Wynn Gibson said...

i admire kyle's quick thinking. i think i'm going to use that story sometime.

jereme said...

kendra i want to hug you in a non sexual way and tell you that you are a good person.

mozartguerrier said...

great poem. someone referenced you on another blog, and i'm happy i came across your page :).

you have a wonderful way to make topics that can appear crude, become delicately haunting, in its simplicity.

btw, is there a way i can subscribe to your blog thru e-mail. i hate the blog feeds ?


Brandon Hobson said...

This is so great. Now I want to rub your feet.