Friday, December 05, 2008

i was cast as a prostitute in a commercial for adult swim and we filmed it in a sex motel in jersey

as soon as the promo is finished i will post it here, or you can watch it on the cartoon network over the holiday season. i am only wearing underwear the whole time and i had to feed a gross old man grapes.


also in the promo was my brand new bff soul sister lisa. she is the prettiest best person i have ever met in on a commercial shoot for adult swim and got drunk with in out underwear in front of a group of men and a couple awkward girl interns. seriously the prettiest.

the bestest


prathna lor said...


Daniel Bailey said...

i want to write an adult swim show with sam pink.

ryan manning said...

wildly appropriate

hotdog water said...

YOU were cast? Just YOUUUUU?

There are TWO prostitutes in these parts you little rascal for brains.

sam pink said...

daniel, i am actually learning how to use flash so i can make cartoons. let's do it.

word verification is 'conatio'

Daniel Bailey said...

sam, hell yes.

word verification is "unaleg," which is a single, unattached, leg that has travelled through time.

BlogSloth said...

you lost me here. Adult swim? I guess I should google.