Saturday, December 20, 2008

blanket head

when your hair is greasy
all i can think about
is smearing it
on my face
when you tell me
to stop doing things
i want to
let your blood
from the neck
why do you tell me
that you don't like
having sex?
i never touch you
you tell me to lie
and pull the blanket
over my head
i say to you
"blanket head"
i don't think you realize
how many little
whimpers you make
all day long
at odd times
why don't you beg me
not to drink so much
like all the others
have done?
you are easily
the best person
i have met
in about one year
our jokes
are the best jokes


sam pink said...

i really like this

Daniel Bailey said...

goddamn you for writing such good poems

tomkendall said...

this is really good.
'You're easily the best person ive met in a year' is an awesome awesome line.

Meggie said...

i like, "i want to let your blood from the neck." blood-letting seems old school. i also like the idea of blanket heads and not being ridiculed for excessive drinking. i hate when people are bossy cows.

Brandi Wells said...

very good

tomkendall said...

i quoted wrong. your line is amazinger. sorry i got it wrong. That is l=a=m=e of me. I'm church of l=a=m=e.

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