Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Al Bundy Is My Husband (for shane)

When I came home from work last night Al Bundy was sitting on the couch with a hammer in his pants.

"Why do you have a hammer in your pants babe?" I asked.

"Leave me alooone Peg!"

"I'm not Peg. That hurts my feelings."

"I built a man hut in the garage."

I walked into the garage and there was a couch, a TV, and pin-ups from hustler magazine all over the walls. The audience kept laughing at me and I felt embarrassed. I tried to look at them and convey with my face how embarrassed they were making me feel, but the stage lights were too bright and pointed directly at me. I went back out into the living room.

"Why are you not sitting on the couch out there?" I pointed at the garage.

"Shut up peg."

"Please stop calling me Peg."

I went into the kitchen and the audience started laughing at me again. My slutty daughter came in and said something stupid. The audience laughed at her. Al Bundy said something mean to her. I took bon bon's out of the freezer and we all sat on the couch and stared at the TV, when the annoying theme song started playing. "I like Frank Sinatra," I thought.


Brandi Wells said...

i like this.

matthew said...

this is funny

also, thank you for supporting my existence

ryan manning said...

gawker linked

don't bother knocking said...

Al Bundy promised me the world
from the love seat. But I mean,
come on, it's a love seat.

prathna lor said...