Wednesday, October 29, 2008

sylvia plath at sixteen

so, we can sit
in a dim little bar or pub
or thing- whatever suits you
you can call it
we can sit there
and talk about reading
sylvia plath at sixteen
and how she made us feel
at sixteen
wringing our fists beneath the
table and smiling but
we are thinking about
the poppies
and the iron giant
and ovens
after that
i'll tell you about
what i do in the bathtub
and you will laugh for me
i'll send you a photo later
then you will continue to do that
graceful nod you do
just like i imagine your mother
does when she is listening
maybe the two of you will
do it together for me
nod while i tell
wild weird stories
about moralistically unsound
things that i do
you don't have good self-confidence
i am narcissistic
there is really no way
for me to explain how
really very pretty and
totally enthralling you are
without coming on to you
which would be bad
because i think
you would have been a wonderful
mother for me
if things could be
done all over again
let's do this every night
can we do this every night?
can it always be your birthday?
i will never run out of presents
i swear

Monday, October 20, 2008

some pictures i took with my smell phone

Sorry I haven't been updating much lately. Been busy. Here are some pictures you can look at for a while.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Al Bundy Is My Husband (for shane)

When I came home from work last night Al Bundy was sitting on the couch with a hammer in his pants.

"Why do you have a hammer in your pants babe?" I asked.

"Leave me alooone Peg!"

"I'm not Peg. That hurts my feelings."

"I built a man hut in the garage."

I walked into the garage and there was a couch, a TV, and pin-ups from hustler magazine all over the walls. The audience kept laughing at me and I felt embarrassed. I tried to look at them and convey with my face how embarrassed they were making me feel, but the stage lights were too bright and pointed directly at me. I went back out into the living room.

"Why are you not sitting on the couch out there?" I pointed at the garage.

"Shut up peg."

"Please stop calling me Peg."

I went into the kitchen and the audience started laughing at me again. My slutty daughter came in and said something stupid. The audience laughed at her. Al Bundy said something mean to her. I took bon bon's out of the freezer and we all sat on the couch and stared at the TV, when the annoying theme song started playing. "I like Frank Sinatra," I thought.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I write for this now.

This is what Blake Butthair had to say about it.

HTML Giant is a thing Gene Morgan approached me about doing, 'approached,' we wanted to do a website that focuses the indie press and online writing news in a central format, sort of like Pitchfork or Bookslut or Gawker for online writing and indie presses only, bringing the goods and becoming things, it will continue to become things, it will have internet writing related news outside of the big press related news blogs, things will happen, I will eat a sandcastle in my parents' basement,

We will feature writers and journals and such, if you have things to say about it there is htmlgiant [at] gmail [dot] com, I'd prefer no emails to my private email my balls are on top of the Sears Tower, I realized the other day that Gene is the dad of the internet, I will call him Dad from now on, there is a lot on the site already, we are going to slowly leak until we have eaten a conch shell the size of somewhere, more is planned and brimming, there are lots of good writers also blogging the news already, they wear derby hats in their room when they are writing, it is required, they must also wear translucent pants and cry a lot.

Please check it out and bookmark and get fed.

I promised Blake I would be posting a picture of my boobs soon, so keep checking!