Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Father's Friends

my father has many
interesting friends
i met this one who
survived for many months
on a life raft
he wrote a book about it
but doesn't like to
discuss it much
once he was a bit
and he told me
some strange things
one of them being
that while adrift
he developed romantic feelings
about spaghetti and meatballs

another person
my father is friends with
is a woman who drowned
and was legally dead
before she was resuscitated
at dinner she once
told me that
if you can avoid dying
she would recommend
drowning to anyone
she said the pain and
fear were unbearable
until the moment her body
took water into her lungs
she said she stayed like
that for a while before
she died
and that it was
the calmest, greatest moment
of her life
honestly, i look forward to dying again


Mike Young said...

knockout! i love the clever "at dinner" enjambment.

Important-Ass News said...

This just in:

Half of America is in love with Kendra Grant Malone.
The other half do not own computers.

Kathryn said...


dottie kee bones said...

this is probably a retarded question but i have to ask it or i'll wonder and wonder and wonder. are the people in this poem fiction or non? mostly i'm asking about the woman who drowned.

thank you.

Kendra Grant Malone said...

they are both real people