Thursday, September 25, 2008

I saw this on the street yesterday & a poem

A Kicked Pigeon

when we get together
we always
at some point
that first glass
of gin
you bought me
about four years
ago now
you always look
so guilty
and i enjoy that
i think we both
that you didn't
do this to me
but i did do this
to you
and i am so

i never told you
that week when i
came to stay
with you
in new york
and refuse to
sleep with you
that one day
while you were
at work
i accidentally
kicked a pigeon
to death
i felt almost
as bad
during the same
when you laid
your head in
my lap
to cry
and i made
you get up
because i
had to pee


stephen gurewitz (loves kendra) said...

this is my favorite of yours. it's, um, yeah i liked it a lot.

jereme said...

i like gin

BlogSloth said...

Does gin affect the skin more than regular alcohol? I was wondering. Or is that a hipster myth?