Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Don't Really Know, Right?

About two months ago I met Trish out for a drink after work. She mentioned to me she loved snails in butter sauce and I did just happen to frequent this little french cafe so I invited her to come with me. So we went. We sat there across the table, carefully dropping hints our ex girlfriends to prove to each other that we were both gay. It's difficult when you are a woman who doesn't particularly like being called gay, and doesn't particularly like butch dyke women. When you are just a girl who could see herself feeling amorous with another girl who was pretty enough. We drank maybe two or three bottles of rose trying to work up the courage to be the first to announce that this might be a date. We both got too drunk and eventually made it to the train platform where we patted each others backs and said good night. It was all very awful. But not really so bad I guess.

Then the next night I took her to a reading of a friend of mine. We stood around in this really silly place with asian fans trying not to sweat in the horrible weather. We were there together. I didn't introduce her as "my friend Trish," she was just Trish. The reading was stupid so we left. We went to a bar by my friend's house and took ecstasy. After that we went to my friends house. She played piano with my friend until he went to bed, and then we talked for about three hours with my other friend until we called a cab and went to my house.

We stayed up until I dont really know how late it was, smoking and talking a lot. I think it was 8 or 9 am when I said she should just stay over. She nodded as she headed to my room and started to undress. We got into bed. We talked for a bit more, I dont remember what about. She took off her glasses and I remember feeling embarrassed because her eyes were so big and pretty. It was quiet for a while before I said, "Two things- one, can I spoon you, two, can I kiss you?" She nodded yes. We spent the following three days together.

That was two months ago. Trish is out of town again tonight. Just for a bit. She'll be back tomorrow. I took two doses of percocet tonight. I've been thinking a lot about the man I tickled for one and a half hours this morning for 200 dollars. My cat is behind my head, purring. Trish comes home tomorrow and we are going to have brunch together. Things are really not so bad right now. It's nice to have someone to take care of sometimes.


sam pink said...

i almost felt like a human for a few seconds when i read this. but now i feel like a cold asshole again. i don't mean a cold asshole like someone put an ice cube on someone's asshole for a while. i mean i am an unhappy person.

Fanny said...

I want to know more about the tickles.

eugenia semjonova said...
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