Thursday, September 04, 2008

chasing pigeons makes me feel more powerful

i chased an opossum
it was so big-
at least double
the size of

i chase small things
mostly pigeons
everyday i chase at least
one pigeon

metaphysically speaking
i feel very big and sturdy
like a refrigerator
my metaphysical self is
a large white frigidaire

i have this body
that is really not
very big
i mean
im medium sized
but in a spectrum of
human sizes
im pretty small

when i chase things
i feel powerful
it gives me the chance
to exorcize those emotions
that metaphysical self

i chase things
that no one views
as precious
so that i am not looked upon
as a monster
(although i am)

chasing pigeons makes
me feel more powerful
like a large white frigidaire
my girlfriend says
i have the expression
of a golden retriever
when i do it

the opossum
we stared at each other
in a mostly russian neighborhood
i should have run away
but i hissed to make it
leave me alone
then i realized
that i am much bigger
and when i chased it through
the parking lot
it went
ehhhnnn ehhhhhn ehhhhn


Patricia said...
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tendy-chan said...
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TTB said...


the golden bear has long loved you.

but after what he did to ttb during ttbs interview with ewic montwoss.

well.....lets just say you might want to get your smooching in sooner rather than later, brother.

ryan manning said...

eeeee eee eeee

sam pink said...

i like your writing, you motherfucker you.

Zachary German said...


BlogSloth said...

Why didn't you make it play dead?

Madeleine said...

great flow - really enjoyed it.

Mermaids Singing said...

How lovely and colorful this blog feels.

I loved this poem.
And the image of pigeon chasing wrecked me a bit.

I have no idea what an opossum is, though. But nice word.