Monday, September 15, 2008

The Book You Gave Me

baby, please don't be mad
i make a lot of mistakes
uncross your arms
i don't know what i did
fuck sometimes i just want to
scream and shake and slap you

i'm going to read that book
you gave me tomorrow
the heart is a lonely hunter
i'm going to read it and
think about how sad you are
all of the time
and that even when i
tell you you will be okay
i am lying
i don't ever think you
will be okay

i am only optimistic
because no one else i know
can afford to be
will you just be like me?
just give up
go limp
let us all shake and slap you
after a little while i promise
you will start saying inappropriately
optimistic things
and you will want to shake
people too

then we can run around
new york
and shake and slap all
the sad people
the whole city will look like
hysterical rag dolls
and we will have started this
we will all give up
and go limp

tomorrow i'm going to read that book
you gave me
my bookmark is a little
piece of paper
i used to write down
something you said to me once
i hated him on behalf of all the people i'm not allowed to hate


Ani Smith said...

When you're done there, please come and do London. Ragdoll world domination, I can see it now.

karissa said...

<3. that's all i can say.