Friday, August 01, 2008

omg its official


{photos to come}

also, would anybody be interested in seeing me hog-tie tao tao? please help me convince him this is a good idea.


tendy-chan said...

hog tie? couldn't you start with something more.....basic? a rope corset or shinju + arm bind? know, something you couldn't accidentally kill him doing. :P

Daniel Bailey said...

the safety word is hamster.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're gonna hog tie Tao Tao!!!

Are you gonna play Cat Power while you do it?

Wow, Kendra is so hipster!!!!

A tutu and hogties in the same entry.


Are you on pills too???

Oh know, Kendra is on pills!!!!

And she's watching the Squid and the Whale.

ryan manning said...

the asian dita von teese

Anonymous said...

yeah kendra sucks

mi said...

no = know

Kendra Grant Malone said...


fuck you. its worth the risk. wait no, i take back 'fuck you'


the safety word is onomatopoeia


i have a crush on dita, but she seems uptight


yeah anonymous gets a little over excited in their attempts to make me feel bad, which seems to often fuck their grammar

Kendra Grant Malone said...

and yes, i fucking love pills

gena said...

pills are tasty

anonymous should try some instead of eating horseshit all the time

Tao Lin said...

adbusters deleted 4-5 of my comments on their article on hipsters

i'm really excited to be in adbusters, i see myself standing in st. mark's bookshop looking at my poem feeling nothing or maybe bored or something

jereme said...


good idea

Brandon Hobson said...

Hi Kendra.

HappyIGuess said...

i will eat my own undressed dress which is a tofu tutu.
food is sexy and moves the bowels toward unending erection.

tendy chan looks hot.

Sloth said...

Finally. Now you will dance fantastic.

Maximum Etc said...

i approve this message

Kathryn said...

you're funny