Wednesday, August 13, 2008

im afraid to call you my girlfriend (i like how you smell between your shoulder blades too)

i canceled my date this week
i just didn't want to go
for a while
i thought i might tell you
that i went anyways
so that
the conversation we had-
that i started
about being open
was not in vain
my sister tells people
you are my girlfriend
and i feel really scared
i might start screaming now
run out into the lake
screaming in my underwear
pulling my hair
run right off the dock
so that i might break my ankles
in the shallow water
and not have to
see everything
that i like about you
and mostly
i want to run outside in
my underwear
because i just spent
a few hundred dollars
on underwear
and it seems nice
to be hurt
looking this good


tendy-chan said...

i like you a really-lots too...

Ryan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
signine said...

Don't do it! Down that path lies grilled cheese sammiches! Hmm...or is it madness? Perhaps mustard? I always forget.

TTB said...

it hurts ttb sometimes to be this damn mystic.

go watch the new promo. live the life.

mi said...

passionate cats

ryan manning said...

the asian cindy crawford

BlogSloth said...

Very Buk.


appleoftheearth said...

I like this poem so much.

rwrkb said...

i'm clearly late to this party, but i dig this poem quite a bit. those last few lines really kill.