Wednesday, August 20, 2008

i will pretend rape you if you want me to

i know what its like
to have that desire
along with the shame of it
and the healthy understanding
that it is scary and bad
but more than anything i know
the desire
and what its like to
be judged for it
to feel rather freakish
if you want
i can pretend rape you
i would like to
we can use a safe word
so that
you feel okay
and comforted
i will tie you up
and slap your face and
say 'is this okay?'
you will nod solemnly
so i will keep slapping
i will mimic rape
in all its attributes
and after if
you need to cry
thats fine
i will rub your back
because this is
not wrong
this is not bad
we can listen to belle & sebastian
we can listen to the song
'mary jo'
and relate to it for a moment
we can feel like this
its fine
we can feel like this
together for just
a bit
then maybe
we can do something
more acceptable
like play skeeball


karissa said...

i like this. i had a dream like this and woke up and felt weird. belle & sebastian are nice.

tendy-chan said...

(life is never dull in your dreams)

meggie said...

i thought about pretend rape this morning and when i read this i was stunned. you're always ahead of the sexual deviancy curve.

Kathryn said...

like it

Ani Smith said...

Can we take turns?

appleoftheearth said...


you're doing such a good job.

ryan manning said...

the asian fernando pessoa

Eli Regan said...

'it's not like i'm going to rape him'