Thursday, August 28, 2008

dude, let's be friends, it was nice seeing you on the train the other day

oh i get it
you prefer girls
with no chin
now it all makes sense
no its cool dude
i prefer girls
who are in love
with their ex-boyfriends
so basically
we are both
lets get a beer
and pretend we never
slept with each other
you can tell me all about
how her baby voice grates on you
i can tell you all about how
i feel inferior
to my girl's ex
and we can give each other
a shrug
and say things like
'cest la vie!'
and we can want to fuck again
but know better of it
we can take
cheap looks at
each other's asses
on the way to the bathroom
im glad you never got a dog
you would have
killed it by now


adam coates said...

i like this but i don't know if i can explain why.

Zachary German said...

i was going to say 'you suck' and be anonymous but i don't think you can be anonymous on your blog anymore

you suck

ryan manning said...

the asian benjamin zephaniah

potato said...

I love this. I've always wondered what happens in Brooklyn.

Meggie said...

oh, what a great story. it's a lovely and situational poem.