Sunday, August 17, 2008

Brandon Scott Gorrell

Tao pointed at the new issue of NOON, which was on the bookshelf at Robinson McNally. We didn’t know each other very well.

“I’m in that.”

His comment made me feel uncomfortable. I decided to change the subject. This is how things went for many months with Tao. We would walk around and say uncomfortable things to one another, then change the subject.

“I read the blog of that guy that you told me to,” I said.

“Brandon?” Tao asked.

“Yeah. It was really amazing. I want to tell him how much I like his poems but I’m afraid that it would seem weird.”

“No, you should.”

“Okay, I will.”

I did. I wrote Brandon that evening.

Brandon’s poetry had me enamored immediately. There is this overwhelmingly sarcastic tone to all of his work. But it is incredibly tender. It reads as this stream of consciousness personal defense mechanism. I recently read his poetry book During My Nervous Breakdown I Want To Have A Biographer Present. I have read many of these poems before via his blog, email or internet publications. But to talk about the book as a unit, I felt like the sentiment was solid and strong in its sense of terror and insecurity. The theme of the book is a little impossible. Brandon addresses emotions that are rooted in fear and social anxiety, and oddly the book has this strange confidence that carries the same wavering emotions through 61 pages of poetry.

There are a few other factors that give this book a unique voice. There is an ongoing thread that deals with this sort of obsession-like interest in science fiction. There is an awareness of total annihilation and something that is like an ambivalence of it. But not quite- since the time was taken to address his own apathy to the topics of cultural and natural destruction. Science fiction has a history of being a very good marker of what cultures fear in a large scale. Brandon’s work uses that device, but to address a more personal sense of fear and intimacy.

As a writer in general, I think Brandon is out of control with potential. I feel like there is a very good chance that Brandon will be famous some day. Or at least ‘known in certain circles’.

Brandon Scott Gorrell’s work can be read at his blog. He is widly published on the internet at places like elimae, Dicey Brown Magazine, Pindeldyboz, PINEAPPLEWAR, 3:AM Magazine and others. He has an ebook at Lamination Colony. He also, co-edits This Is Stupid I Love You with Chelsea Martin.

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I want you all to read what Kathryn Regina wrote about me yesterday. I want anyone who likes my work to read it. It was really moving for me to read. I feel very lucky to have been reviewed by her.


jereme said...

i concur about the potential

carving apples out the throat

Mike Young said...

wow, this shit is large

Shane Jones said...

i like this one a lot.

brandon said...

i like this, thank you, i feel really appreciative

Colin Bassett said...

kendra, you are nice

this feels honest and accurate

i like it

Kathryn said...

this is good