Monday, August 25, 2008


kendra malone
mandrake lone
lemonade rank
a danker melon
a ankle modern
a lanker demon
alarmed no ken
no drama kneel
lend one karma
anal deer monk
lank enema rod
dark lane omen
keen manor lad
ran modal knee
mad oar kennel
roam and kneel
adorn elk mane
naked ale morn
nor naked meal


Catherine Lacey said...

Neon Kant Marl Raged

Maximum Etc said...

i think you might have alarmed one ken.

BlogSloth said...

keep pushing form. Write sonnets next, or maybe anti-sonnets, for you?

I feel a literary match brewing...

ryan manning said...

the asian immanuel kant

gatherroundchildren said...

Dark lane omen,
Thanks for putting me up! Smoothies, happy hour, reading, honest cab driver (for once!), mmm great weekend.

E.K. Hornbeck said...

lank enema road is my new online banking password

kubla said...

Mine was "A learned monk." I also teased her with "nor naked male," if I recall correctly. Anagrams are like poker: you can get a computer to play, but they won't be as good as a skilled human. What I mean is, all that idle time as a kid thinking anagrammatically has not been counterfeited by the Internet Anagram Server. Of course I'm using "counterfeit" here in the poker sense. And naturally "anagrammatically" suggests the existence of anagrammar, which must be the syntactical rules of the Anababtists. Please don't persecute me.