Monday, August 11, 2008

accordions are playing all the time

I've been in Minnesota this week. My dad just turned 60. These are some family photos we took at his house today.

This is my niece, Ava. She is really smart and good at things.

She thinks I am horrible.

Yes, yes, the accordions never stop.

These are my siblings, Juan Pedro, Ali, and J.J. They slipped me a date rape drug.

They are really nice people.

Incestual love.

I am really great with children.

No, we really are smart and good at things.


ryan manning said...

the asian anna karina

Zachary German said...

isn't there another n in that

wagner israel cilio iii said...

this is very beautiful.

tendy-chan said...

GAH. so. goddamned. adorable.

have fun, come home. kiss me now plz.

Nathan said...

where in minnesota? i'm in minnesota!