Thursday, August 28, 2008

dude, let's be friends, it was nice seeing you on the train the other day

oh i get it
you prefer girls
with no chin
now it all makes sense
no its cool dude
i prefer girls
who are in love
with their ex-boyfriends
so basically
we are both
lets get a beer
and pretend we never
slept with each other
you can tell me all about
how her baby voice grates on you
i can tell you all about how
i feel inferior
to my girl's ex
and we can give each other
a shrug
and say things like
'cest la vie!'
and we can want to fuck again
but know better of it
we can take
cheap looks at
each other's asses
on the way to the bathroom
im glad you never got a dog
you would have
killed it by now

Monday, August 25, 2008

i promise to stop making shit posts soon

trish is out of town and i feel bored and lonely so there will be a little bit more of this.


kendra malone
mandrake lone
lemonade rank
a danker melon
a ankle modern
a lanker demon
alarmed no ken
no drama kneel
lend one karma
anal deer monk
lank enema rod
dark lane omen
keen manor lad
ran modal knee
mad oar kennel
roam and kneel
adorn elk mane
naked ale morn
nor naked meal

Friday, August 22, 2008

NO COLONY tonight!

tonight there is a reading for the super fancy NO COLONY magazine launch at barbes in park slope. there will be good people reading - Nick Antosca, Giancarlo DiTrapano, Tao Lin, Robert Lopez and Justin Taylor, hosted by Blake Butler and Ken Baumann.

come out for this. people have come from all sorts of out of town for this. we will be drinking too much and saying stupid things.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I like this blog a lot.

I feel jealous that I do not write here. I think these people are fucking great. I could read this crap all day.

Particularly stuff written by Ani Smith. She wrote this on another blog and OMG i like it soooo much.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

i will pretend rape you if you want me to

i know what its like
to have that desire
along with the shame of it
and the healthy understanding
that it is scary and bad
but more than anything i know
the desire
and what its like to
be judged for it
to feel rather freakish
if you want
i can pretend rape you
i would like to
we can use a safe word
so that
you feel okay
and comforted
i will tie you up
and slap your face and
say 'is this okay?'
you will nod solemnly
so i will keep slapping
i will mimic rape
in all its attributes
and after if
you need to cry
thats fine
i will rub your back
because this is
not wrong
this is not bad
we can listen to belle & sebastian
we can listen to the song
'mary jo'
and relate to it for a moment
we can feel like this
its fine
we can feel like this
together for just
a bit
then maybe
we can do something
more acceptable
like play skeeball

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Brandon Scott Gorrell

Tao pointed at the new issue of NOON, which was on the bookshelf at Robinson McNally. We didn’t know each other very well.

“I’m in that.”

His comment made me feel uncomfortable. I decided to change the subject. This is how things went for many months with Tao. We would walk around and say uncomfortable things to one another, then change the subject.

“I read the blog of that guy that you told me to,” I said.

“Brandon?” Tao asked.

“Yeah. It was really amazing. I want to tell him how much I like his poems but I’m afraid that it would seem weird.”

“No, you should.”

“Okay, I will.”

I did. I wrote Brandon that evening.

Brandon’s poetry had me enamored immediately. There is this overwhelmingly sarcastic tone to all of his work. But it is incredibly tender. It reads as this stream of consciousness personal defense mechanism. I recently read his poetry book During My Nervous Breakdown I Want To Have A Biographer Present. I have read many of these poems before via his blog, email or internet publications. But to talk about the book as a unit, I felt like the sentiment was solid and strong in its sense of terror and insecurity. The theme of the book is a little impossible. Brandon addresses emotions that are rooted in fear and social anxiety, and oddly the book has this strange confidence that carries the same wavering emotions through 61 pages of poetry.

There are a few other factors that give this book a unique voice. There is an ongoing thread that deals with this sort of obsession-like interest in science fiction. There is an awareness of total annihilation and something that is like an ambivalence of it. But not quite- since the time was taken to address his own apathy to the topics of cultural and natural destruction. Science fiction has a history of being a very good marker of what cultures fear in a large scale. Brandon’s work uses that device, but to address a more personal sense of fear and intimacy.

As a writer in general, I think Brandon is out of control with potential. I feel like there is a very good chance that Brandon will be famous some day. Or at least ‘known in certain circles’.

Brandon Scott Gorrell’s work can be read at his blog. He is widly published on the internet at places like elimae, Dicey Brown Magazine, Pindeldyboz, PINEAPPLEWAR, 3:AM Magazine and others. He has an ebook at Lamination Colony. He also, co-edits This Is Stupid I Love You with Chelsea Martin.

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I want you all to read what Kathryn Regina wrote about me yesterday. I want anyone who likes my work to read it. It was really moving for me to read. I feel very lucky to have been reviewed by her.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

i just came back to new york and shane jones' chapbook was sitting on my pillow in an envelope with a hand traced on it

The first thing I did after I pet my cat when I came home today was read I Will Unfold You With My Hairy Hands, by Shane Jones.

The first story made me cry and I felt embarrassed but happy that no one was around. Then I read the second story and cried again, this time, like a fucking little prissy bitch. I read all the stories. They all made me feel very emotional.

Ryan Call wrote something really nice and eloquent about this chapbook yesterday. I feel like if I were to elaborate my feelings I will just be mostly repeating what Ryan already addressed, but not worded as well.

It's a beautiful little book.


It occurred to me today that I have received a handful of chapbooks from people and failed to write blogs for them over the course of the year. I feel bad. I liked so many of them. Let me try to make up for it by making a list of the best ones I've read in the last 6 months:

Don't Wake Up It's Just Me by Mike Young

Mike gave this to me when I first met him. Actually he was reading from this that night. I once wrote a story with a friend of mine about when I first met Mike. Maybe one day someone will publish it in a chapbook and you can all read it and feel weird. Anyways, I was a little enamored with Mike after reading this.

Paul Simon by Chris Killen

This chapbook is very funny. I laughed out loud the whole time I read it. And then later I talked to Zac German about it and he said "Yeah, it's like, really funny until you switch the words 'Paul Simon' with 'Chris Killen'." Then I felt bad but still liked it. Maybe I liked it more.

On a side note. I read Chris' novel a few months back, after he came to the USA for a bit. After reading the book I felt a little horrible for spending as much time with him as I did when he was here, not knowing what a fucking genius he was. When The Bird Room is out I'm going to buy everyone I like a copy. The book left me dumb struck for two days.

When People Talk To Me I Want To Close My Eyes and We Are In Exile Here by Colin Bassett

I got both of these at the same time. I like to think of them as going very well as a pair. I would not suggest you read one without the other, although, I think Colin is out of copies. He is amazingly nice, I bet you could sweet talk him into printing more. They both are very tender feeling about love. Colin writes with sentimentality but without it being too saccharine and gross.

The Name Of This Band Is The Talking Heads Vol. 1 by Zac German

These are short and funny, but one is really sad. It is best when he reads them out loud, but I still like reading this edition from time to time when I am bored.

Mason & Dixon/Gravity's Rainbow by Shane Jones and Chris Killen

The front and back cover were my favorite part. That sounds really awful. But seriously, the front and back cover were very very funny.

Peter Pan Mocha French Toast by Mike Young

Mike titled these to help people know what he was going to use the money for. A Peter Pan bus to and from New York. And mocha french toast while he was there. And we did indeed get mocha french toast, which I personally think is too sweet and gross. Anyways, the poems are good too. And it is dedicated to someone really awesome.

How to Mend A Broken Heart with Vengeance by Leigh Stein

I don't actually own this one for some reason. I've read it on a few occasions and had the lovely chance to hear Leigh read from it once. Leigh is a fantastic poet and I feel like the title of this chapbook does a better job summarizing the contents than I could even with a few paragraphs of rambling. You can still buy it here which I need to do asap. It has a unicorn on the cover.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

im afraid to call you my girlfriend (i like how you smell between your shoulder blades too)

i canceled my date this week
i just didn't want to go
for a while
i thought i might tell you
that i went anyways
so that
the conversation we had-
that i started
about being open
was not in vain
my sister tells people
you are my girlfriend
and i feel really scared
i might start screaming now
run out into the lake
screaming in my underwear
pulling my hair
run right off the dock
so that i might break my ankles
in the shallow water
and not have to
see everything
that i like about you
and mostly
i want to run outside in
my underwear
because i just spent
a few hundred dollars
on underwear
and it seems nice
to be hurt
looking this good

Monday, August 11, 2008

accordions are playing all the time

I've been in Minnesota this week. My dad just turned 60. These are some family photos we took at his house today.

This is my niece, Ava. She is really smart and good at things.

She thinks I am horrible.

Yes, yes, the accordions never stop.

These are my siblings, Juan Pedro, Ali, and J.J. They slipped me a date rape drug.

They are really nice people.

Incestual love.

I am really great with children.

No, we really are smart and good at things.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Opening Tonight

August 5 - August 23, 2008
Reception: Wednesday, August 6, 5-7pm

Westside Gallery
133/141 West 21 Street
New York, NY 10011

read the press release here.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

i got a present in the mail and it made me feel really happy

Brandon Hobson sent me a copy of his book recently, which was very nice of him, as I was between jobs at the time. Let me say this: the idea of giving a review of anything scares the shit out of me. But personally speaking, I really loved his book. It's a series of short vignettes that made me feel a little terrified. I think Blake Butler did a better job of writing about it here, a little while back.

I read the book a couple of weeks ago, but re-read it again today after I read his stories in the last NOON. Which are also really good.

Go read this at Titular and then when you decide you like it go buy his book.

Everyday Yeah + happy feelings

I like Mark a lot. He is funny and sends me pictures that are a little gross but mostly cool.


Tao Lin is a good person and many people adore him.

Friday, August 01, 2008

omg its official


{photos to come}

also, would anybody be interested in seeing me hog-tie tao tao? please help me convince him this is a good idea.