Sunday, July 20, 2008

a nothing sort of thing, you know?

i went out tonight
some of my friends were there
everyone i knew seemed upset
or irritated
i drank beer and listened to poetry
i thought about my new job
and felt horrible
someone asked me about it
and then said he changed his mind-
that he didn't want to know
and i felt really horrible about
my ability to make decisions
in my life
i looked at pepe a lot
so i didn't have to look at anyone else
because i felt disgusting
the thing is
i don't really want to talk about it
after the last poet
i left shortly
with pepe
feeling dejected and mostly unwanted
and i hoped the whole ride home
trish would be on gchat
so i could ask her some questions


Anonymous said...

wow...deep...way to incorporate the "gchat" reference at the end. it really showed me how disconnected you feel. let's listen to cat power together!

fatty patty said...
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tendy-chan said...
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karissa said...

i like this