Friday, July 04, 2008

it's supposed to feel like a french movie but it doesn't, i guess maybe in certain situations it does

i have two friends
i spend a lot of time with
they are both apathetic people
but they don't seem to mind
that i am
hyper emotional
they are extremely comforting
to me
very often

it is the best
when it is us three
that is when
i feel the best
jean luc godard once said
all you need
for a movie
is two boys
and one girl
i don't really like
being with anyone
other than my two friends
i really adore them
they both slap my face
an alarming amount
and sometimes
they buy me beer
when i am sad

i think we all hate
being alone all the time
so we are bonded in a way
im not sure really how it works
but i do know
i liked to be teased
and slapped
by boys
that i feel comfortable with
one of them
loves the same music as me
the other
loves the same authors
somehow that is enough
and i guess
they both remind me
of my retarded brother
a bit


Catherine Lacey said...

I like this, Kendra.

Tao Lin said...

i had a creative writing class at nyu with an intolerant asian obese homosexual that shit-talked all my stories but one

Tao Lin said...

In The Puffy Chair a person is in a relationship with another person. At the end of the movie one person says they think they should break up. The other person says they think they should break up. Then they hug and the movie is over. I watched it eating a giant bowl of boiled eggplant, onions, and kale with olive oil, sea salt, and shoyu. I sat two or three feet away from the TV screen and listened to the movie through giant headphones because my roommates were asleep.

Kendra Grant Malone said...

the male lead in that movie was very attrative

karissa said...

<3 godard

ryan manning said...

the next night we ate kale

jereme said...

french new wave is good.

although Godard is a little over rated in my opinion.

but good

i liked this

good job

mi said...

sometimes im on the internet and a webpage opens that has a black background, and my reflection in the screen makes me feel narcissistic

Daniel Bailey said...

i like your poetry. good job.