Wednesday, July 09, 2008

drunk and alone taking pictures of my cat and myself

i think delores might be 'special' like my brother (note her facial expression in the last photo, that is her calm face)

and a bonus picture of zac and i looking like we abuse cocaine


chris killen said...

if you ever get bored of your cat, please post it to England. it looks like a good one.

i was going to write some sort of 'pussy' double entendre comment, but i couldn't think of anything without hating myself.

i like the last photo. it looks like a third person's hand.

Kendra Grant Malone said...

whoah, i just noticed that zac kinda looks like an amputee in the last one.


delores doesnt travel well when my dad brought her to new york from minnesota for me, there was a series of people she attacked and when she finally got let on the plane she made such scary noises that other passengers were getting frightened so she had to ride in the belly of the plane. and when her little kennel finally came down the luggage shoot towards me there were like 100 stickers covering the whole box that said things like 'DO NOT TOUCH- CAT IS EXTREMELY UNHAPPY' and also 'VOLATILE ANIMAL'

she attacks women frequently too. i think shes a bit sexist. she looks rabid when she decides she doesnt like someone. it is scary. i love her so much.

alright, im done talking about my cat now.

i dont get a lot of 2nd dates.

ryan manning said...

severely depressed

wagner israel cilio iii said...

one time i got into a car at night and when i sat down a black cat jumped on my face from the back seat.


peter b. said...

I like your lamination colony works. cats are funny.

Modern Safari said...

i think those are my sunglasses