Sunday, June 01, 2008

We Heart Four Things

Conn Tomas O'brien has this neat little website called We Heart Four Things. There are three issues. They are all pretty and amusing. The most recent one features a small interview and some work from me, along with Brandonioni Scott Gorrell (actually i think he hates when i call him that but there is a story behind it, im not just retarded, but i dont think i ever even told him the story, brandon if you want to know the story, email me, or anyone else for that matter, it is interesting, it involves a very small tree), Matthew Savoca, and Tao Tao (i dont think tao gives a shit that i call him that, i just sort of like saying it twice so i do).

My picture is very obviously the best one. I win.

also . . .

Tao Tao and I found this Nsync poster in his kitchen last night and we felt insanely happy. And I have extremely long muppet arms. Tao was so excited he could not even hold the camera still.

also . . .

We made a new friend. We named him Justin Taylor.


TTB said...


Its like I never knew you.

Bore Parade.

TTB and you.
Will be marching together.

We are all one.
You will see it in time.


and Kendra Grant Malone.


brandon said...

no we named that tree together i was in your room

i remember


Gena Mohwish said...
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i'm feelin it