Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Six Sentences

I have a little guy at six sentences.

I think if you like cupcakes and facial ejaculations you might like this story.

If you don't like those things then now you have another reason to dislike me. Good.



Someone named Lulu (that was the name of my first dog, she was a little black poodle, i've always loved that name) seems to be a little upset about the mindset of Julia in my story (see comments on S6). Apparently, not only do some people not like facial ejaculations, but they also dislike reading about a woman who does. For the record, woman or man, it makes me very sad when people publicly damn peoples various sexual likes and dislikes. I see nothing wrong with being a 'top' or a 'bottom' sexually, especially when it is not suggesting that other people enjoy what they like as well. I would like to know what other people feel about this.


jereme said...

cupcake breakfast at noon is my new mantra.

I liked.

E.K. Hornbeck said...

After four reads, Lulu didn't even get the name of your protagonist right.

Your piece was excellent, and your views on sexual likes and dislikes is broad and tolerant - and I agree with you.

Keep up the writing.

Zachary German said...


Kendra Grant Malone said...


it is the best breakfast.


thank you for the kind words.


you are a fucking little bitch. im not saving you any cake.

tomkendall said...

i liked your story too. The 'its a very tender thing' line is ace. ermm thats all.

ryan manning said...

i'm confused

Daniel Bailey said...

i don't like when people when ejaculate on my face.

jereme said...


Noted and filed away for future reference.


You should have a dance off with Lulu and loser gets shot in the face with a supersoaker of jergens lotion.

Simulated facial ejaculatory love

sam pink said...

i found this while looking for a good recipe for semen cupcakes. google is the shit.

Kendra Grant Malone said...


thankyou, nice hat.


dont cry. its okee. (snuggels you)


then i am sorry i busted a nut on you so many times. you should have just told me . . .


dance off! yes. i am a good dancer.


you should have texted me, i have a few recipes.

daryl said...

kendra- you love it in the ass

zachary german- you love it in the ass

jerme- you need itin the ass

jerme- you have no career, talent, following, CARISMA, get with it, you lose

kendra grant malone- call me

jereme said...


I think you are right but I want to make sure before I give it all up.

Can you ask your other brother Daryl what he thinks before I make a decision?