Saturday, June 07, 2008

Pervert Choad


jereme said...

Tao kind of looks like an angry, crazed lesbian in that picture if I was walking by real fast and not paying attention to it but watching it out of the corner of my eye.

I like that look.

Kendra, you look very posh and new york. I think the apropos word is elegant.


deb uh nair

i don't want to look up how to spell that one.

Some one correct me. I am lazy.

Tao Lin said...

i'm not making faces like that anymore

i'm ruining my career

my books are crying

ryan manning said...


Duncan Cheshire said...
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jereme said...


i think you should continue to make those faces. It is somethiing different then the usually cliched "depressed look" or "book smart serious" look you see from authors.

I would buy a book instantly without prior knowledge of the subject of the book if a picture like that was on the back part of the author's bio.

It says "life is absurd. You are absurd for being so serious. Buy my book".

jereme said...

I just realized two things.

1. Tao looks like he could be masterbating like a mad jack rabbit behind the couch.

2. His hair is poofy. I think that is what makes the picture standout. Tao's poofy hair.

Is poofy a word?

i am unsure.

Jerimiah said...

I am so pleased that in my random search for "choad", this is what I found. Carry on.