Sunday, June 29, 2008

period sex

I would really like to get fucked tonight
but the problem with this is
I am on my period
and as my friend justin knows,
that is one thing that I am not into
the other thing?
the idea makes me nauseous
period sex
I can only do it
with someone I really love
someone from out of town
because we have no other choice
the best lover of 2007
put his finger in a pool of
my blood that was on the bed
and then put it into his mouth
later he said it was to impress me
and it did
impress me
after he left, I had to throw out
my sheets
it looked like someone had been
murdered in my room
we agreed it was appropriate
because when we talked on the phone
we so often talked about removing
each other’s skin
its more romantic than it sounds
just trust me
but anyways,
I don’t even know who I would call
tonight, for sex
because I don’t feel like trying hard
or listening to anyone talk about themselves
which is a courtesy you must provide
if you are about to use them
for their body
oh wait- there is a third thing
animal costumes
that shit is fucking weird


karissa said...

more people should talk about the things you talk about

ryan manning said...

you are my hero

Conn Tomas O'Brien said...

i watched this episode of a documentary series called "indie sex" a couple of days ago, about fetishes.
it was looking at how sexual fetishes are explored in cinema.
most of the time whenever sexual fetishes are explored in art, it seems so fake to me. sexual fetishes are always portrayed as weird deviant behaviour.
but sexual fetishes actually seem normal to me.
people would have much better sex if everybody was open about their fetishes.
there would be no wars. there would be no famines.

fuck, what am i talking about?

good poem.

Zachary German said...

fuck stephen dixon

Anonymous said...

aren't you a little too old for this gimmick? you're 24. how about doing some real writing? you seem to have some talent.

not writing about peroids like a 14 year old wannabe goth. so you wrote that some dude, tasted your, shocking.

sam pink said...


Kendra Grant Malone said...


i am really having a hard time reconciling the fact that you are attacking my maturity by way of anonymity. i think that a large handful of people would agree with me when i say that that is chicken shit juvenile behavior. if you dont like it, then dont read it. or give us a link to your fantastically developed multifaceted work so my friends and i can all agree about how anal retentive you are. fuckwad. a woman is not immature for writing about her body functions, that is a cheap shot.

"so you wrote that some dude, tasted your, shocking."

i mean look at that. even your irony is shitty. my 15 year old step sister says things like that to me when she is pissy. if yer gonna shit on me, man up, use a real name, and put a little thought into what you fucking type.

and thank you, i have some talent, yes.

Tao Lin said...

america is one of the worst countries on earth

Kendra Grant Malone said...

i think australia is slightly worse.

it is the shelbyville of the real world.

wolves for breakfast said...

i think period sex is a mature topic. i like this poem.

Tao Lin said...

i thought you were talking about period sex like period films at first for a while, like 'the english patient' is a period film i think

Anonymous said...


It's just boring. It's not shocking. It's bland. I've read some of your stuff, the line by line writing isn't half bad. Why not try writing something that isn't seeped in irony and shock for the sake of shock? It devalues the work and makes it pure artifice. Shoot, you have actual ability. Don't shit it on it just because 15 people think this bland internet writing is valuable.

Good luck, and my apologies if for questioning your maturity.

Kendra Grant Malone said...


please go to a good blog where people write real things. i plan to keep writing boring not shocking things with my time. i hope you do not plan on reading boring not shocking things. it might make you more spiteful. fuck poop shit la la la meow wuff.

if 15 people on the internet feel good reading this then that is good enough for me.


it's not shocking so it can't be written about?

grow a cunt, anonymous, then you'll learn to bleed

zac, you grow a cunt too and read stephen dixon you cunt

Anonymous said...

Why not try and write something with some conventional structure? Rising Action, Conflict, etc. You know, actual writing.

jillian said...


Kendra Grant Malone said...



stop trying to provoke me with rhetorical questions.

youre a tard.

Leigh Stein said...

Jesus Christ, Jerry Bruckheimer movies have rising action, but that doesn't mean I would pay money to see one.

Lisa Ladehoff said...

i sneered a good sneer

Zachary German said...

kendra doesn't have talent except for at having sex maybe, i know she has sex with a lot of different people

Conn Tomas O'Brien said...

i want to read poems about periods by 14 year old wannabe goths.

and fuck you kendra, australia is not the shelbyville of the world. well maybe a little.

me said...

i like that anonymous thinks that writing about period sex is "seeped in irony"

it's like period sexxxxxxxx
on your wedding dayyyy

jereme said...


you should listen to anonymous. obviously they are either wise like jesus or an auger and can tell your future.

either way they are mired in wisdom. it is patent.

every one knows that writing is serious business and period sex is not serious business.

what were you thinking.

please conform so you can be what anonymous wants and therefore serving a purpose in their shitty little world of bitterness.

Brandon Hobson said...

Kendra, I just found your page after reading your story in Colin's Bearcreek Feed. I really like this poem.