Thursday, June 12, 2008

Love Your Friends And Not Your Lovers

I have an e-book on Bore Parade

It is called Love Your Friends And Not Your Lovers.

It is a collection of recent journal entries of mine.

I am excited because I journal a lot, and take them very seriously. They are unedited. They are explicit.

The names are real, along with everything else.

You can buy it in chapbook form here.


if you are my mom, dad, my brother jason, or an ex-boyfriend who is sensitive, please dont read these. They are incredibly graphic.


if you read this please give it a blurb or link it. i honestly feel very nervous putting this out there. i would like to know that it made it to someone's eyes.


ryan manning said...

serious literature

jereme said...

I will have to wait until I get home to read it.

I am excited.

Question though, I thought you weren't allowed to use real names due to possible legal action.

Or is that not true?

I like to read the raw, emotional writings more then the polished works. I like the energy when writing is unedited and fresh.

I am excited.

jereme said...

I couldn't wait. I read the first chapter.

It was pretty fucking good like a slice of hot cherry pie at summer dusk.

I can see where some one who is emotionally attached may not be able tor read it objectively though.

Good luck with that. You are going to piss people off. Welcome to the club.

Kendra Grant Malone said...

well, im not completely reckless. i got permission from every name in the journals. and my close friends and lovers (ie tao, zac, mike, nicole, brian) read my journals frequently already.

im glad youre excited. its long and lurid.

Alex said...

I wrote a little blurb about your e-book and linked to it.

I really liked it. It made me kind of awkward, but that's good, I think.

jereme said...

Which should I like Kendra? I am confused.

I liked

or do you want me to link the other URL directly?

jereme said...

Link i mean up above.


The 4/19/08 link is broken. Now i have to make a decision:

Jump ahead to the next day or wait for the link to be fixed.

Uhg, they both have drawbacks. decisions, decisions

jereme said...

I see whats wrong now.

I can continue with the hole thing. I am content.


have mike or whoever is in charge of the admin of Bore-Parade to change the link for the 4/19 from:




The APRIL should be APRL in the URL. That is why it is not working.

I need to talk to Mike about HTML skills.

Tao Lin said...

i approve of this, good job

dronemaedwe said...

i got to this link by searching "fuck tao lin" in google.

i like this entry if it is serious, but really hate it if it's post-post-post ironic (which i'm almost positive it is, give the in-page link to tao lin's blog)

i'm sure this will be deletd at some point

screw hipstaers, because i can't even make a paragraph-break on a blog without it being read as ironic

like this

or this

wow! look at me! i can creat "meaning"!

i even put it in quotes, so as to question its legitimacy! how totally nouvelle!

FUCK HIPSTER NONSENSE <-----there is NO irony intended here. and that is unequivocally so.

Kendra Grant Malone said...


this is not ironic. these are journal entries. im sorry you are so upset about hipsters. i dont really know what else to say. being that it is not post-post-post ironic, im going to say thank you.

jereme said...

Hey drone,

You can come play with me. I am no hipster.

I might even send you a cashier's check for an asian massage. Maybe a happy ending will expel all that sour and salt from the gaping wound where your heart is supposed to be.

Douche nozzle.


if I buy an actual copy of "Love Your Friends Not Your Lovers" will you sign it? Hopefully tthere will be enough space where you could write something ironic with quotes and line breaks.

I would like that in the book.

Kendra Grant Malone said...


yes i will do that. go buy it from mike and tell him to send it to me. i will sign it and give you something secret inside of it that is special. then i will mail it to you.

Mike Bushnell said...

alot of eyes are reading it kendra. You have over one hundred hits on the table of contents page so far. there is an order for your book. not jereme, yet. Someone else. Things is moving Kendra, thank you.

jereme said...

Yeah I forgot that my Drivers License expired on my birthday last month and now I can't cash my check.


I should have it cashed this weekend and then the order will come in.

kristian r said...

i read this and felt compelled to read it all in one sitting. i hope that is a compliment. i don't know you at all but i felt sad when Jakub broke up with you. i felt a little bit awkwardly voyeuristic about your sex. i think your journal entries are effective at communicating emotions. but i don't think i could ever buy a book of someone's journal entries unless they were a famous musician or something and even then it would have to be someone like Kevin Shields or Kanye West.

also i found you from We Heart Four Things. congratulations on being part of such a prestigious publication made in the world's best city, of all time.

jereme said...

why are the lives of Kanye West or Kevin Shields anything better then the life of Kendra Motherfucking Malone?

I don't understand. Do they not shit and eat and fuck like every one else?

Why are their lives deemed "worthy" and hers not?

You might want to sit down and re-evaluate your priorities in life. You may still come to the same conclusion.

Hopefully not.

I hold kendra in a higher regard after reading that journal ebook thing and it has nothing to do with face fucking (although that was pretty damn sweet)

sam pink said...

i read the book. good job. the part about you not liking when people only cum a little drizzle on your face reminds me about how i feel when i buy nachos that barely have any cheese on them. now when i eat nachos i will think about how the cheese is like semen.

kristian r said...

jereme: i was just being what i felt was honest. i am not sorry that i offended you but i am surprised. i thought about whether i still agree with what i wrote and i do. and i could think of lots of reasons.

Kendra: if your middle name was actually "Motherfucking" that would be awesome.

Katrin said...

I read all your shit and still hate you.

In fact I wrote some shits about it...they are being published in next month's issue of Pop Vomit. You will probably never read it.

jereme said...


You did not offend me. There are no negative feelings from me.

Your blatant idol worshipping is why asked you to re-evaluate your priorities.

Kanye West is not a writer. Odds are he is not going to even write anything attached to his name. He is going to tell stories through proxy.

Kendra on the other hand is writing first hand experiences with passion and emotion.

What makes Kanye West's life any more important then Kendra's?

Is it because he is famous? He is famous for music not for writing though.

I much rather read emotional and honest writing.

Bukowski had his book "Women". It is much like a journal and very fun to read.

kristian r said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
karissa said...

this was very good. i liked reading this. a lot. i read it and felt a thrill as if i found it on the street and wasn't supposed to open it but i did.

Sara said...

Yes. This made me feel weird because they're so personal and completely true. I read everything in two days, sort of split in the near middle. After reading the first part, I felt happy and hopeful and maybe jealous (?). Then I read the second part and felt different. I'm glad I read them split. I liked it all and think you are very courageous to let anyone in the whole world read this. I would be too afraid.

Chris said...

SARA write about your relationship problems. Do it.