Sunday, June 01, 2008

insane or irate- neither of the words accurately describe the feeling that they indicate

my friend and i
watched my favorite
movie tonight
and i think we both
felt a little irate
or maybe insane is
a better word
after the movie
so we went outside
and found the loaf
of bread he threw
out the window earlier
and we put it
in the street
and watched cars
playing absurd music
run it over
we became very excited
and felt mutually
good about
the experience
i think
one of the worst
moments that can happen
is the first few seconds
after a movie is over
one than everyone likes-
its that moment
when you have to accept
that the movie was not
even remotely real
and you have to
speak at some point
and you have to shatter
what you were just feeling
a moment before
it is
the most mediocre
point of life
that gets
many times
yes, i think that moment
is what people mean
when they use the word


Mike Young said...

This is awesome!

jereme said...

i enjoyed

katrin said...

I actually fucking love that part of it.

particullary sitting on the toilet after a show and eavesdropping while the movie slips away from you with each little drop of piss. It is heaven baby cakes, heaven.