Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I have a new story up at bearcreekfeed. If you have not already seen this website, this is a good reason to go. It is run by Colin Bassett, who is not only very smart and good at things, but also easily the nicest editor I've ever come into contact with (sorry Blake, but you lost the throne when you kept texting me that you were in town and then not actually being in town, im very sensitive, it hurt my feelings).

I really like seeing my story all up next to Kim Chinquee's story. Yes, that makes me feel very good.

Excerpts of this have been on my blog recently. Go read the full story. I love you.

Second Favorite Girl In Brooklyn


Mike Young said...

you're my honky tonk hero

Alex said...


Brandon said...

Hey, I liked your story.
--Brandon Hobson

sam pink said...

good work. i am holding in a dump right now, pumping my leg furiously just to get this comment out. let's take a bath together.


u stink

just kidding

i stink

i wanted to come see ya'lls!! wasn't my fault

jereme said...

This is my second favorite blog on the internets.

I liked your story.

it was fucking long. I was not ready for it. I was ready for a short read. It was a pleasurable surprise.

Not as pleasurable as a random handjob from a girlfriend when I am not expecting it but pretty damn enjoyable.

Ok, I am done trying to entertain.

Good job.

Zachary German said...

who the fuck is kim chinquee

Kendra Grant Malone said...

yay, thanks everyone.


stop being retarded for one second. simpsons in bed, soon. i will bring the gin.