Thursday, May 22, 2008


diamond dogs


leon evol said...

like, the album? 'cause yeah, it's pretty good.

what are we talking about?

TTB said...

It is hard to see what Saul Bellow means by saying that the notion of humans having a spirtual life, conscious or unconscious, is an 'impermissible thought.' Since when? Bellow himself has been promoting an occult theosophical doctrine known as Steinerism in the pages of his own books for at least fifteen years.

In the U.S.A the me decade goes on and on, with a whole supermarket of spirtual soulstuffs-mysticism, Orientalism, personalism, fundamentalism, transcendentalism, Yoga, Moon and countless others-avalible to the discriminating spiritualistical shopper.

In the world as a whole it is certain that never before have so many been so deeply engaged in one form or another of religious experience, from the most exotic and esoteric to the most orthodox, traditional and institutional.

All I am asking Kendra Grant Malone.

Is what does your heart truly hold?