Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Choads Are Beautiful

Chris Killen did a feature on his blog about choads.

There is a gchat between me and Tao Tao in the feature, that is the 'definitive choad gchat' or whatever. Tao and I also wrote poems from selected lines in this particular gchat. Here is mine. Tao wrote one too.

nine known varieties of choads found in nature

supreme choad deluxe (the original, the king, no, the dutchess)
female choads
supreme king and queen choad (tao lin and kendra grant malone)
miniature choads
emotionally ticklish choad
unfunny choads (tao lin and zachary german also known as the opposite of hilarious choads)
choad restaurant (neutral meals)
choad a la cart
a very big choad, many inches long and wide (elephantitis also known as chris killen)


this is my new vibrator. i have never owned one before. it is choad-like. this is good because it fits nicely in my asshole (that is zachary german's shoe). i have used it 12 times since i recieved it at 10pm last night.


Tao Lin said...

post the dildo choad

Kendra Grant Malone said...

its a vibrator, not a dildo. there is a difference.

appleoftheearth said...

The silver bullet.

good choice.

Daniel Bailey said...

i'm in thailand right now. i swear to god i saw a mountain that looked like a choad. choad mountain in the the gulf of thailand. i took a picture. i'll post it when i'm back in the states.

daryl said...

that's a poem? if that's a poem, sticking that choad in your ass counts as a poem as well

Kendra Grant Malone said...


yes, im happy with it.




is this how you romance a woman? you need to learn a thing or two about sweet talking . . .

The Golden Bear said...

Yeah, learn a thing of two from the Golden Bear! He's got the sweetest tongue this side of the Mississippi.

Kendra, I posted a picture of you on my blog. You look lovely.

chris killen said...

i feel bad about it being on the floor next to a shoe.

daryl said...

what do i know, i'm just a blue collar working man, what do i know of love? can you teach me golden bear?

adrift and at peace said...

If someone found that, I don't think you could lie about what it was due to the blatant label on it that reads "SEXTOY.com".

But then again, why would you want to lie about what it was?

jereme said...

Yes I thoroughly enjoyed the label emblazoned on the side of it.

I would have never guessed on my own that it was a sex toy.

When I was younger my and my buddy would play dildo tag with his step moms 12 inch floppy translucent pink dildo.

But as Kendra said, dildo's are not the same so I guess there is no real pertinence to what I am writing.

I also enjoyed how daryl decided for me that kendra's poem was not actually a poem but a ruse. A fucking ruse.

Thank you for decidng that for me daryl. Perhaps you are the mastermind behind putting the SEXTOY label on her vibrator also.

BökChöd said...

You could clearly use some more imagination, creativity, and inspiration in the development and usage of your Choad lingo. ;-) Just saying...