Monday, April 28, 2008

zachary german is one of my best friends and i enjoy spending time with him even when we have nothing to say

my cat is attacking my feet
i feel pretty shitty
zac is eating
he has been eating all day

"do you think it means he hates me?"
"yes, obviously"
"the rain is awful, remind me to take
an anti-depressant when we get home"

zac puts too much hot sauce on everything
we like the same songs though
sexy boy and you make me feel like charity
are songs
we listen to together often

this morning he asked me to cook him kale
the way he likes it
the only way i know how to cook it
so i cooked it
and we watched a movie
then after the movie i taught him how to make it
and he made it for me

"i feel really obese and happy"
"you're silly"

we are both prone to touching
the heads of people we love
and today
we both feel very unloved

my mother is full of sayings
one of them is
"misery loves company"

one time we slept in the same bed
and i remember
i liked how his armpits smelled

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